Food and wine are two of life’s greatest pleasures and as such are taken very seriously by CK Verbier. We recruit only professionally trained chefs who have worked in Michelin starred restaurants and in some of the best restaurants in the world.

Our chefs source top quality local ingredients – with some exceptions such as tea, which we import from England, to ensure a proper ‘cuppa’.  At CK Verbier we do not restrict our chef's creations with impossible food budgets, and we source our quality meats, fish and vegetables from real suppliers (we don't do our main shop in the local supermarket!) 

Breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks are all included in the rental price, and you are free to discuss menus and choose the style of dining service you would like. We offer four course fine dining with an emphasis on high quality, locally sourced ingredients. We can also offer rustic sharing platters, a concept designed by top chef Jamie Oliver’s team, or regional specialities, such as raclette. We are also happy to prepare children's tea or simple suppers. Just let us know what you like.